This process can also be used if you want to upgrade or downgrade your device to any official android version of the device released by LG.

Download the stock Firmware of the LG device you want to flash/unbrick or update/downlgrade.

Download and install LG drivers below here

Download and extract LG Flash Tool below here

Copy KDZ file from ROM  folder into LG Flash Tool Folder.

Make sure at least 30% of battery life

Boot the device into download mode by holding volume down button or volume up button then connect device to PC with usb.

Launch LGFlashTool2014 as administrator (If it cannot start, download and install microsoft visual c++ runtime).

Select Type – CDMA
Phone Mode – DIAG
Select KDZ File Choose the KDZ file inside the LG FLash Tool folder

Click Normal for flashing the device without loosing any data.

Click CSE Flash to do a full flash of the device. Use this when upgrading, downgrading or unbricking the device.

Click START.

A dialogue box will appear for you to select language. Click OK.

Now Wait for the process to reach 100%

First boot after flash will take a while……

download driver below

download tools


⦁ LG Drivers Installed.
⦁ LGMobile Update Tool installed.

Notice: Latest Version of LG Mobile Update prevents updating firmware from kdz files, if the phone is not in the firmware level LG expects. LG Is watching everything when you run firmware update with KDZ Method, logging everything, your mobile No, SN No, OLD Firmware, New Firmware etc. To bypass this first we make our PC to serve LG update tool locally (offline). More Info here. Then we follow the steps below as before.
To make things easier, run the Automatic Offline Procedure.vbs script, it adds csmg.lgmobile.com entry (temporarily) in hosts file, sets a small HTTP Server on the PC listening to port 9002 which serves the requests of the LG flash utility, installs MSXML, runs all the utilities automatically and finally reverts back your hosts file removing the above entry. This script must be run as administrator so Start  –All Programs  Accessories   right-click on Command Prompt  select Run as administrator. Then drag-drop the script in and press enter.
If you are running the “Automatic Offline Procedure.vbs” continue from step 5.

1. Install MSXML 4.0 SP3 Parser (msxml.msi) if not already installed.
2. Run “windows enabler.exe” and switch to the “ON” position (left click on icon)

3. Enable the phone’s “USB debugging” mode, connect the phone to PC and wait for drivers to be loaded.
4. Run “UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe”.
5. Set EMERGENCY, 3gQCT as pictured and press “Normal web upgrade test” and select your KDZ file
6. To the next window click

7. Clear Phone Software update registry, Select “Different Country” and select your Language. Click

8. If running the “Automatic Offline Procedure.vbs” the following message will be displayed in taskbar, ignore it or just click . 

9. The utility starts the official LG Flasher

10. Wait until it finishes. If it gives any message that the phone is not connected or something like that, disconnect it, turn it off, remove battery and plug it back holding “Volume Down” key.  (Automatically goes to Upgrade mode).
11. You do this on your own risk! Good Luck…
12. When flashing ends, disconnect the phone; close the LG update tool and the R&D Test Tool utility.

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