If you have the Infinix Note 4 X572, it is about time you check your system updates because the device is currently receiving the official OTA update to Android 8.1 Oreo. This is big news.

Very few manufacturers have sent out Android Oreo updates. Similarly, the few that have sent the updates have sent out for Android 8.0, not Android 8.1. This gives the Note 4 a better ranking among many devices not only at its price point but also worldwide.

If you haven’t received notification, check Settings – About Phone – System Updates.

If your update hasn’t arrived, be patient, keep checking. The size of the update is around 1.6GB so make sure you have enough data (or better yet use WiFi). Also, make sure your phone has enough internal memory space.

Southeast Asia:X572-H5312CE-O-180203V55
Africa:             X572-H5312AD-O-180203V85
Indonesia SKD:X572-H5312E-O-ID-SKD-180228V66
India:              X572-H5312E-O-IN-180302V19

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