1. Internet Download Manager:
Being one of the most popular download managers online, the Internet Download Manager 2016 is the most widely used download manager by the internet users. IDM has proven itself to be most efficient in terms of speed, ease of use, modern features, etc. IDM can be easily integrated with most of the browsers which helps the IDM to automatically fetch the download on any page and prompt the user for the same. One exciting feature of IDM is that it also acts as a video downloader and eliminates the need to have a separate one.

2. Download Accelerator Plus:
Download Accelerator Plus is one of the oldest download manager in the town. DAP again facilitates most of the features which a typical download manager 2016 offers. DAP is very easy to use and it doesn’t takes a new user to get used with the interface. One unique feature of DAP is that it tracks various sources of the file to be downloaded and tries to locate the nearest server to download your file. Download Accelerator Plus also provides a feature to covert the YouTube videos into MP3 the format and download it directly to your PC.

3. Free Download Manager:
Free Download Manager 2016 is one of the best alternative and competitor to the IDM. FDM is a premium download manager available on the internet, which also facilitates the downloading of torrent files. FDM helps you organize your download in different folders according to categories and hence making files easily accessible. FDM has a inbuilt media player which previews your media downloads in case you don’t have one installed in your system. To facilitate the PCs with low configuration, a lite version of Free Download Manager is also available.

4. JDownloader:
JDownloader 2 is the next version of the successful download manager, JDownloader. It helps you download videos easily from websites like YouTube and Dailymotion. You can also queue up multiple downloads at a time and expect them to be downloaded without any hassle. You can integrate more than 300 plugins in JDownloader to make most out of services like WordPress. You can change the language of the download manager and set the theme according to your convenience. Hence, JDownloader being an open source download manager 2016 stays a string choice as a free download manager 2016.

5. Orbit Downloader:
Orbit Downloader is yet another download manager for Windows, which maximizes the downloading speed and lets you download any file available online. It can again be fused well with the browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. to quickly capture the downloads. It also facilitates the scheduling of the downloads so that you can prioritize the files which you’re downloading. You can also pause and resume them according to your need. It comes with an additional Rapidshare support, which helps to download the from the file hosting site in less amount of time. Orbit Downloader hence justifies it’s place in this list of best download manager 2016.

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