Oppo F9 New Security Remove Lock Using MRT

Oppo F9 New Security Remove Lock Using MRT

Before unlocking, you should first check the software version in the following ways:
To find out the Oppo Software Version => Emergency Call Tab then Type * # 899 # or * # 889 # = >> EngineerMode = >>> Version Software To unlock recommended use Key Dongle MRT V2.60 or V2.59

How to delete the pattern / pin / Frp oppo F9 new security key using the MRT key dongle:

1. Dismantle OPPO F9 devices
2. Open Mtk special tool> select EMMc_Flash_Int_1 or EMMc_Flash_Int_2
3. Then connect the device and do a testpoint like the picture above
4. Once the device is connected to the PC immediately release the testpoint, and the unlock process with the MRT key will start automatically
5. If you have finished removing the cable and re-assembling the cellphone, try turning it on if you need to do a factory reset. Good luck

TRY At Your Own Risk (please try, the risk is borne alone)

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