Infinix X623 Imei Repair Done

Infinix X623 IMEI Repair or Change Imei


  • Edl Mode { hold volume up and down then connect USB }
  • Enable Diag Port { ####8789# }


  1. Backup EFS With Umt Box or Nck Pro ( edl mode i.e test point)
  2. Flash Infinix X623 Special Firmware with hqxa tool
  3. Enable USB debugging
  4. Enable Diag Port { ####8789# }
  5. Write IMEI with umt Box
  6. Restart Phone
  7. Done.

How to Solve Half App Icon:

Flash  Infinix X623 Special Firmware with hqxa tool to have full app icon

How to Solve No Service:

Restore EFS You backup earlier with umt box

Download Infinix X623 Special Firmware:


Download HQXA Tool:


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