How To Root Samsung Galaxy ON 5 SM-S550TL (New Method)

How To Root Samsung Galaxy ON 5 SM-S550TL (New Method)

The Samsung Galaxy ON 5 SM-S550TL was launched with bloatware, the only rooted phone user can remove this bloatware. So root your Galaxy ON 5 SM-S550TL. Just follow the simple procedure. These steps are little different than earlier posts of Samsung devices. Because This mobile can’t be rooted easily in its locked firmware. So firstly we have to take care of some things first and then we will use King root.

Supported Devices:-

  • Samsung Galaxy ON 5 (SM-S550TL)

NOTE: DON’t try to flash the TWRP it will cause problems. Just follow the procedure and your device will get root.



Guide To Root Samsung Galaxy ON 5 SM-S550TL:

  • The first step is to flash the boot.tar Download from above link, file through Odin Flash tool. It will change SELinux mode to permissive. If you don’t know how to flash from Odin here is the guide.
  • The next step is to disable all Knox packages. Be careful and keep the stock ROM handy in case if anything goes wrong. To disable the Knox packages use this debloated tool.
  • It’s time to download KINGROOT APP, Download it from above links.
  • Run the KINGROOT app, if the device gets a freeze or goes into kernel panic mode, just remove the battery and again reboot into Android OS. Do this until you get the Root. It may take up to 3-5 tries.

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