How to Get Rid of Annoying Ads on Tecno, Infinix and Gionee Android Phones

Are pop-up ads giving you a hard time? There’s no reason for you to suffer anymore. You can easily get rid of these intrusive adverts by following three easy steps.

In all actuality, you ought not to serve advertisements with the gadget you completely paid for. If you are among of the users of Tecno smartPhones? how are you coping with HiOS bloatware annoying ads? I hate ads to the point of being tempted to break the phone.

If you don’t know, HiOS is a customized version of the Android mobile operating system, it is more like the skin that wraps the Android OS on TECNO phones.

Right now, Tecno Mobile latest hiOS update now displays annoying ads in two forms, ‘Instant Apps’. Instant apps show game you can play without installation. Sushi Cat, Comboy Zombie, Freddy, Ninja Flips etc.

While the second ads can be seen inside the list of favorites apps that you use the most. Some users assume its Google serving the ads but … hell no, not Google.

Annoying ads

This ads is also applicable to some Infinix phones either appearing as a popup or Nicodemus among your most used apps.

A user reached out to Tecno Mobile, and they didn’t deny actively exploring the advertising model. But here is their response “We will provide a more user-friendly and efficient option to turn off the advertising to optimize user experience.

You don’t like Ads, I don’t like Ads so why is Tecno Mobile monetizing its users without consent?

How to Turn Annoying Ads on Tecno and Infinix Off

Well, TecnoKenya provided a simple tip and I was wondering why Tecno didn’t make this available in Nigeria only in Kenya.

  • >>Long Press desktop to get the hiOS desktop menu
  • >>Scroll down to find other settings
  • >>Turn off Application recommendation

I figure TECNO is resolved to forcefully push advertisements to users presumably in light of the fact that they are generating income from it.

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