How to fix Restart/Wipe or Blue LED error on BlackBerry 10

Have you ever faced any of the following problems on your BlackBerry 10 phone After upgrading to 10.3.2?

  • All data is lost every time you restart the phone.

  • A blue LED is displayed during the device start up.

  • A red LED is always blinking on your phone whether you have notifications or not.

  • The phone cannot fully charge except when switched off.
  • lot more  ………..

This problem was noticed after BlackBerry officially released 10.3.2. So if you have ever faced a combination of these problems on your BlackBerry, you’re not alone. Here are the things you’ll need to solve this:

  • Blackberry Link or Blackberry Blend. Download it HERE.

  • BlackberryFix file. Download it HERE.

For Windows Users:
Open the BlackBerry Desktop Software, either BlackBerry Link or BlackBerry Blend.
Connect your BlackBerry 10 device to the computer.

Wait for the device to be detected by the computer and for Windows to complete the driver installation.
Extract the and run the tool.
When it opens, confirm that the PIN number for the BlackBerry 10 device is displayed, then click on Fix this phone.
That’s all.

For Mac OS X Users:
Do Step 1 above.
Extract and save the BlackBerryFixMac file to the desktop.
Open Terminal
Navigate to desktop by typing cd Desktop and press Enter.
Connect the device to the computer
Run the utility by typing ./BlackBerryFixMac and press Enter.
The output will be as follows:

-Processing BBPIN = XXXX1234 – If device is password protected the password will need to be entered twice. – Fix applied to this device – Press ENTER key to exit.

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