Guide to Bypass Android 8.0 FRP

Guide to Bypass Android 8.0 FRP

How To Bypass/Remove Factory Reset Protection On to Remove FRP on to Remove FRP on Android 8.0 frp — Factory reset protection ( FRP ) becomes frustrating when you don’t know the account that was previously synchronised with the device.To save you all this stress whenever you want to do a factory reset Navigate to Settings > Accounts and delete / sign out of the Google account associated with the device.

  • Power on the device.
  • You will see startup menu>Select Vision settings
  • Enable Talkback
  • Select your wifi, enter password and connect your WIFI.
  • Draw L on your Screen and you can see many options.
  • Double click on “Talkback Settings” Options and open it.
  • Scroll down using two finger > Click Help & Feedback
  • Select About switch access if you do not see it, search it
  • Scroll down to see a Youtube video Logo, click on it.
  • wait for the video to play then the click share icon of the video .
  • An highlited link would open click on it and wait for Youtube app to open
  • Go
    to “Youtube> Settings> About> Google Privacy Policy” A browser should open
  • You can goto to open this post from the phone so you can download the files directly but if already downloaded on your flash or memory card, Download sidebar or quickshortcut to access the files
  • (For Samsung Only)Now Click on “History> Download History and you can acess File Explorer/ My Files.
  • Insert OTG USB having the Apk files you downloaded.
  • Install them. then launch the Easy bypass apk and open it
  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner>select sign in> Sign in your account>reboot
  • congrats your phone is unlocked!!

Files to download

File NameType
Nova LauncherApkDownload
Easy Bypass 1.0ApkDownload
8.0 AndroidApkDownload

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